Kamawa Stud Sires

Macaire Kumba (P)

Macaire Kumba is out of an outstanding Cow by Kamawa Nevada.

He has great length and confirmation plus good temperament

Kumba has clicked with Kamawa cows with outstanding bull and heifer calves on ground in 2021

Macaire Kumba K1 (P)

Riverslea Jedi J157(P)

Jedi is by Kamawa Texas ( the Sires progeny winner at 2015 Brisbane show) and is a near clone of his sire.

He has great length and breed character and the same docile nature. We have outstanding bulls and heifers by Jedi.

Riverslea Jedi J157

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud J157 Riverslea Jedi 80

Denngal Lancer L12 (P)

Lancer L12 (P) was purchased in 2017   He is a large, dark coated sire, with good depth and length, and a 43cm scrotal at 26months.

Denngal Lancer L12

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud Denngal Lancer L12 P L12B

Yarrawonga Able (P)

Able was put with heifers in 2020 season, and was joined to a cow herd in 2021.   He has very good calves on the ground in 2021

Yarrawonga Able F624 (P)

Santa Gertrudis Sire Yarrawonga Able (P)

Macaire Moccasin M19(P)

Moccasin is a long, dark coated bull with great thickness and neat sheath. His EMA is 140 and scrotal 43cm. He has a very quiet temperament. Purchased in 2019 we have outstanding bulls and heifers by him selling in 2022

Macaire Moccasin M19 (P)

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud Sire Macaire Mocassin M19 P

Rosevale Chieftain T73 (P)

Chieftain was a significant influence on the Kamawa herd . 3 of his sons retained for use in the Stud herd.  He possessed tremendous muscle and bone. Most of our cows and progeny carry his genes.

Rosevale Chieftain T73 (P)